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The International Terrorist Cafe

Drink because of the key change!

27 June 1986
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Hi, I'm Sarah. I have innuendo eyebrows and am not afraid to use them.

I love flocking, most partial to flocked wallpaper and LJ entries. I also greatly enjoy puns.
adorable shoes, ai yazawa's art style, anatomy, awesome soc, ballroom dancers, bisexual men and women, boys in slim-cut suits, boys kissing, breasts, british spelling, cakes, corsetry, cyrillic script, deadpool, delicate bone structure, durian, edwardiana, evil eye, fireworks, hangul script, heart shaped sunglesses, j-music from my childhood, karen russell, lens flares, lolita dresses, lolita fashion, long discussions about cricket, long fingers, modded pullips, new weird, odd proportions, optimistic people, other people's bjds, petticoats, photos with pastel colours, pink hair, raffles, raffles/bunny, science fiction aesthetic, science fiction with science, skirts and petticoats, smoggy cities, snow, south korea, steampunk, surprising voices, the key change, the word awesome, thrifting, tragic love stories, urban sprawl, velvet ribbon, victorian sensibilities, wendy house, yorkshire